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1.0 Tog Sweet Dreams Baby Sleeping Bag 0-6 months

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This baby sleeping bag is from our Sweet Dreams range. It is a design that would be perfect for any little girl or boy.

  • Our 0-6 months Dream Bag is 70 centimetres in length

  • Our 1.0 Tog Dream Bag is suitable for summer months and warmer nurseries, can be used for naps, when is not as cold as at night.

  • This baby sleeping bag has two poppers on each shoulder and a side zip

  • All Dream Bags have a 65% polyester, 35% cotton outer, 100% polyester padding, 100% cotton lining

Why use our fabulous quality and beautiful Dream Bags?

• Unlike blankets, The Dream Bag cannot be kicked off during the night so baby does not get cold and wake up
• Baby knows it’s naptime or bed time when placed in The Dream Bag
• The Dream Bag is safe as it cannot slip over baby’s head
• Baby can be cuddled to sleep in their Dream Bag and put in their cot without waking
• Baby is happy in The Dream Bag and settles when on holiday or away from home when in a unfamiliar room
• Baby’s feet are less likely to get caught in the bars of their cot when snug in The Dream Bag

All Dream Bags conform to Standard AS/NZS 1249:2003 and carry the following certifications:

EN 71-1: Mechanical and physical properties

The poppers and zips on our baby sleeping bags have been tested and approved to EU legislation standards and now bear the CE marking, widely recognised to consumers.

AZO Free (Chemical) Test

Azo dyes are often used in the colouring process of textiles and leather. Some of these dyes have the capacity to release certain aromatic amines which pose cancer risks. Azo dyes releasing these amines are not allowed to be used to dye textile and leather products that come into contact with the skin. Our baby sleeping bags have been tested and approved as 'safe'.