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About Us


The Dream Bag Ireland is a family business and is based in Ireland.

The brand is well known in Europe as a manufacturer of an affordable, good quality sleeping bags for babies and older children. When we started selling the sleeping bags we had enquires from our friends and some customers looking for quality children clothing at a reasonable price. We heard so many parents complaining about the "cheap" clothes which are not longer cheap but still low quality and the more expensive made in the same factories in China as the cheap ones, with quality issues. Some parents, as we noticed, were bored with everything the same everywere. We know people were traveling to different irish towns/cities to see if they can get something different, but they were dissapointed to see the same shops, brands as in their own place.

So, we decided to find something completely different, and high quality, made in Europe.

We have with 2 main brands at the moment, both based in EU and very popular in many european countries, including the UK.

Both brands, have almost 20 years of experience in making children clothing, and still extensively expanding, making new trendy desinged clothes, to the highest quality, and 100% of their production is in EU, fully controlled on every stage from design to ready product, and they both guarantee their products are completely safe for kids.

Despite incresing cost of making clothes in EU, the quality and functionality are still the most  important factors for them.

Both manufacturers use only high quality, tested fabrics and paints, to make safe for skin, trendy and durable clothes.

>Children's clothes should be comfortable and practical, and not only look good<

There are many features our clothes have, which you will appreciate every single day!!!

Main features:

  • wide, soft and flexible waist -do not sqeeze tummy
  • lower crotch -more space for a nappy
  • neck poppers fastening -easier getting through baby's head and clothes (bodysuits/tops) won't get too wide after use.
  • tested, natural fabrics and paints-safe for babies skin.
  • and many many more.
  • We recommend you explore yourself!!!


Why buy our sleeping bags?


Many families with young children have discovered the advantages of using The Dream Bag baby sleeping bags instead of traditional baby bedding. Sleeping bags that babies wear like clothing, have several advantages over the usual baby blanket or quilt that parents have come to appreciate and have been used all over Europe for many years. The Dream Bag Baby sleeping bags offer plenty of room for the baby or toddler to move his or her feet during the night. The bag has three holes that allow the child to have his or her head and arms outside the covers whilst the shoulder fastened bodice, keeps the child warm during the night. These holes provide enough ventilation to prevent the child's body overheating. Parents of active babies will appreciate that no matter how much the child moves during the night, he or she is still covered. For many parents, this also means a better night of sleep as you are not awakened by the sound of an unhappy child crying because of the cold. Your child and you are assured of a more comfortable night as you and your contented baby sleep soundly and warmly all night long.


One of the biggest advantages of The Dream Bag sleeping bag is that there is no loose bedding in the cot - some experts believe that loose bedding may contribute to SIDS. The baby sleeping bag keeps your child safe whilst sleeping, without the danger of loose bedding. When looking for the perfect gift for a newborn child or toddler, you may consider the baby sleeping bag.


The Dream Bag is a perfect present as many parents may have never heard of using a sleeping sack, so the gift you give is sure to be unique.