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Pants Summer Time beige/coral

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Absolutely gorgeous!!! Made of a high quality cotton.

Very comfortable, due to the extremely soft cotton (very delicate in touch!!!) and practical details like the wide and soft waist and cuffs, and extra space for a nappy.

Suitable for summer time, thin fabric.


100% cotton. Made in EU


Colour: .beige/coral with pink dots

Available also in Turquoise/blue with blue and pink dots (both blue and pink are absolutely beautiful).

Also available from the same "Summer Time" Collection: beautiful bodysuits (short and long sleeves) and gorgeous skirts and sweatshirts/jackets!!!


Only Now at absolutely low price-Only while stocks last!!!!!!!!! Don't get dissapointed, order today!


Safety Warning:


Dispose of any packaging you receive with your order

as plastic bags/envelopes, ect. can be dangerous for your baby and older kids, and they are not suitable as toys!!!