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Sleeping Bags

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Why buy The Dream Bag baby sleeping bag?

Many families with young children have discovered the advantages of using The Dream Bag baby sleeping bags instead of traditional baby bedding. Sleeping bags that babies wear like clothing, have several advantages over the usual baby blanket or quilt that parents have come to appreciate and have been used all over Europe for many years. The Dream Bag Baby sleeping bags offer plenty of room for the baby or toddler to move his or her feet during the night. The bag has three holes that allow the child to have his or her head and arms outside the covers whilst the shoulder fastened bodice, keeps the child warm during the night. These holes provide enough ventilation to prevent the child's body overheating. Parents of active babies will appreciate that no matter how much the child moves during the night, he or she is still covered. For many parents, this also means a better night of sleep as you are not awakened by the sound of an unhappy child crying because of the cold. Your child and you are assured of a more comfortable night as you and your contented baby sleep soundly and warmly all night long.

One of the biggest advantages of The Dream Bag sleeping bag is that there is no loose bedding in the cot - some experts believe that loose bedding may contribute to SIDS. The baby sleeping bag keeps your child safe whilst sleeping, without the danger of loose bedding. When looking for the perfect gift for a newborn child or toddler, you may consider the baby sleeping bag.

The Dream Bag is a perfect present as many parents may have never heard of using a sleeping sack, so the gift you give is sure to be unique.

Choosing the right size and tog rating

We recommend that The Dream Bag is used from 10 pounds in weight and onwards. Parents should wait a few weeks before using a baby sleeping bag. Fortunately, during these first few weeks babies do not move as much and will remain tucked under normal small blankets.

The Dream Bag baby sleeping bags are available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months, and 18-36 months.

The tog rating is a measure of how warm the bag will be for your child.

1.0 tog rated summer Dream Bag sleeping bag have a little padding and is useful as spring heads into summer and summer heads into autumn and for daytime naps when the temperature is at its highest during the day. 1.0 tog bags are for use with room temperatures between 18 and 24°C.

2.5 tog Dream Bag sleeping bags are essential for autumn and spring and have a thicker, padded appearance, and are used with room temperatures between 15 and 21°C.

3.5 tog sleeping bags are for very cold winter temperatures, below 15°C.

We also have a handy "what your baby should wear with The Dream Bag" chart so you can check the temperature of your room and dress your contented baby in the appropriate clothing and tog.

Getting out and about The Dream Bag Travel baby sleeping bags are increasingly very popular with parents, due to the versatility of the product. Our travel sleeping bags are very handy if your child falls asleep whilst out and about in the car, pushchair or a buggy, as they can be kept warm and snuggly. The arms of the sleeping bags can be removed using the poppers placed around the top of the arm, meaning that your child can be transferred to a cot or bed without the need to wake.

We recommend that the sleeves be removed when indoors, to prevent overheating. The convenient L-shape zip on all sizes up to 36 months, also enable easy nappy changes. The travel bags are also wonderful for use when camping, on trips or as an alternative to the tradition padded suits that are used whilst children are in their car seats or buggies in winter.